Our Design Team

Jessie Hung           Design Lead

“Good design comes from paying attention to every single detail.”

Albert Hsueh           Design Lead

“Great design comes from a constant conversation between the product and the consumer.”

Ann Xu           Graphic Designer 

“Every great design begins with a compelling story.”


Willam Tsai           Industrial Designer

“Mistakes and failures give birth to good design solutions.”


Yuki Yang           Industrial Designer

“A good design comes from understanding the needs of the consumer.”


Jim Wang           Industrial Designer 

“Originality and creativity are discovered through solving problems.”

Juno Lin          Graphic Designer 

“Unique designs grow out of a restless spirit and perceptive eyes.”

Emilio Cheng           Industrial Designer

“Design is great thinking visualized.”


Fan           Industrial Designer 

“Recognizing the need inspires great design.”

Allen Wu         Graphic Designer       

“Great design blossoms out of constantly trying and exploring new possibilities.”


Simeon Chou           Mechanical Engineer 

"Design excellence comes from great character, and product innovation comes from rich experience."

Julious Xie         Mechanical Engineer     

"A good design uses simple design elements to improve lifestyles."


Anson Tu         Industrial Designer

"Design thinking is part of our DNA; we bring your concept to life."

Isaac Yeh         Mechanical Engineer      

“A great product is the result of perfecting every little detail.”