Early Design Check

*The Materials Safety Check & Review 
*The Structure Quality Check & Review  
*Mass Produciton Schedule Checked

Supply Chain Quality Check

*Raw Materials Quality Check& Review
*The Product Sample Quality Review & Checked
*The Econ Friendly Factory Review & Checked

Product Certification

*The Materials Chemical Test
*The Materials Physical Test
*The Product Passes the Structure Test

Regulation & Law

*Experienced Team Ensures Smooth Logistics
*Follows the Laws of Each Country
*Product Shipment Documents

Third Party Check

*The Product SGS Report
*The Factory Inline Quality Check
*The Factory Financial Quality Check

Customer Service

*Responds Quickly
*Great Experience in Products and Materials
*Knowledgeable in Market Trends 

We Are Very Good At

Producing a high product quality from concept to production.
We deliver products with quality and warranty.  

*Early design review, meeting safety and structural regulations
*Oversee material and product samples
*Examine both chemical and physical testing
*Ensure products follow local regulations
*Troubleshoot issues responsibly
*Ensure factories follow global environmental and human right standards