• Risk Reduction

  • Long Term Relationship

  • Commitment

Sourcing Process

  • Better Purchase

  • Cost Effective

The Latest Technology and Materials Research

*Have the Best Suppliers    
*Materials Proposals
*Mass Production Possibility 

Factory Database

*Woodmax Integrated Supply Chain Data
*Multiple Materials Review
*Suggest Best Quality Factory



On Site Survey

*Materials Demo
*Production Process Review
*International Quality Certification Check

Materials Proposal 

*Stainless Steel Materials, Ceramic Materials, Plastic Materials
*Variety of New Design Possibilities
*Tumblers Lid and Body Review

New Materials Proposal

*Graphic Designer Understands New Materials
*Understand Client's Brief
*Variety of New Design Solution
*Sample Review


Client Product

*SS Tumblers Holiday Set
*From Concept to Mass Production
*Deliver Global Product 


Why You Need the Woodmax Sourcing Team

  • We support clients by sourcing new materials and new production methods.
  • * Research - find new partners for new materials
    * Factory - visit new factories for ISO and BDCI certifications
    * Product - understanding new production methods
    * Customer service - ensure client feedback is carried out
  • Stainless steel

  • Ceramic materials

  • Plastic materials

  • Glass materials